Our transaction advisory team regularly advice clients on corporate structuring and governance, due diligence, expatriate quotas, residency permits, Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs). The client looks to us to protect its interests in these transactions and we always do so –within the limits of the law.
Whatever the issue—negotiating financing for expansion, executing a strategic divestiture, mergers and restructuring, Public offers and floatation; Initial Public Offering and new issues of shares and other securities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and other markets; advice on joint ventures, partnerships and various other collaborative structures. Private equity and management buy outs, Public Private Partnerships, Secondary Issues—we provide sound counsel and innovative strategies on all types of business and transactional matters.


Banking & Finance

As markets adjust to continually changing economic, regulatory and political conditions, we draw on our industry expertise to develop innovative solutions for our clients. We have competence in debt advising, rescheduling and recovery, acquisition finance, project finance, mergers and acquisition, bank assets sale, documentation of credit security, sale and lease back agreements, local and offshore syndicated loan transactions and guarantees.

Telecommunications | Media | Technology

THTS Practice lawyers possess specialized and unique experience in the telecommunications field and we routinely offer the following services to our clients –providing well considered opinions on Nigerian legal and regulatory approvals and consent requirements, Project Development Agreement, providing opinions to foreign counsel on Nigerian Laws.

Capital Market

The ability to raise funds necessary for growth is critical to every company. Our team of capital markets lawyers are dedicated to structuring transactions that allow companies to realize their objectives. We provide services across the whole spectrum of capital markets work including debt and equity transactions, structured debt, high yield and trusts, corporate restructurings, divestitures, schemes of arrangement and reconstruction, derivatives, stock exchange listings, collective investment schemes, IPOs, public offers of debt and equity.

Our knowledge of local markets and the political, regulatory and economic environments in which our clients operate, gives us an unrivalled familiarity with the intricate legal issues specific to those markets.

Energy & Natural Resources | Infrastructure

THTS Practice provides legal, consulting and advisory services on energy matters in the upstream and downstream sectors of the energy industry in Nigeria including exploration and production contracts and licences, joint ventures, obtaining necessary consents for assignments and leases of property, negotiating and preparing gas and petroleum products purchase and sales agreements and related contracts.

We understand that there is a deficit in infrastructure in Nigeria and where available, the infrastructures are sub-par to international standards. We assist our clients in achieving their intent of constructing world class standard infrastructure projects by providing them prompt and effective legal advice to their transactions.


Our Corporate/Commercial Group provides advisory services for every aspect of corporate and commercial legal work for both private and listed companies throughout all stages of corporate life, including just about anything that can be put down in a contract. We are experienced and well versed in a wide range of transactions, reflecting the diversity of our clientele, both local and foreign, and the industries in which they operate in.
Our corporate and commercial work has in many instances been the spring board for a long and fruitful relationship between clients and our firm, often expanding from corporate and commercial law into other areas of our practice.


Trademark | Copyright | Patent

When you or your Company has worked very hard to develop a product(s) or service(s) and has built a reputation with your clients/customers, how do you protect your interest from the rampaging competitors hovering over you? You need an Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm that understands your business and is consistently able to offer proactive legal protection.

We provide legal services relating to patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret protection, as well as Internet and new media, e-commerce and software licensing. Our mission is to give our intellectual property clients the highest quality, most responsive and most cost-effective legal counsel possible.

We offer a full range of services related to the acquisition, enforcement and commercial exploitation of intellectual property (IP) rights and assets. We can assess the patentability of our clients' invention; draft, file and prosecute patent applications; provide advice about developing a patent portfolio in Nigeria and abroad that reflects a client’s current and future interests; and keep an eye on what the competition is patenting.

Disputes concerning the ownership of intellectual property sometimes arise. If this occurs, we will guide our client through the nuances of inventorship and the establishment and assignment of rights to our client’s invention. Disputes also arise in the enforcement of patents – either our clients’ or their competitors’. Our Attorneys routinely investigate the validity of patents and assess the merits of infringement actions. We draft opinions that withstand scrutiny in court.

Our Firm is an accredited agent of the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry, Commercial Law Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

Business Set-up | Company Secretarial Services

We understand the subtleties that surround setting up your business in Nigeria. Amongst other things, we advise our clients on the best structure for their enterprise, relevant licenses and permits that they may require for their enterprise, share structures, pre-incorporation agreements and shareholders’ agreement.

We assist foreign and multinational companies in incorporating companies, setting up subsidiaries and joint venture companies in Nigeria. We assist in legal due diligence, indirect tax implications, competition policy, employment issues, real estate and statutory compliance. We also advise on shareholders’ rights, directors rights and duties, regulatory compliance, private equity and management buy-outs.

 We take pride in providing timely and cost effective solutions that meets our clients’ corporate secretarial needs. Our lawyers are well versed in the principles of corporate secretarial practice and its intricacies. Amongst other services, we act as secretaries, attend board meetings, file requisite returns timeously on behalf of our clients, ensure our clients comply with the requirements of the relevant statutes that affects their businesses, maintain our clients’ companies’ registers and records and advice the board on routine legal issues.

Risk Management | Corporate Governance

We understand that as businesses grow more complex, clients are in dire need of specialized corporate lawyers adept at facilitating, advising and assisting in mitigating some of the not-so-obvious risks associated with the complexity. The unexpected can always present unwelcome challenges but a little forethought could make all the difference. By understanding the legal requirements for your business and regularly reviewing your current business operations we will help minimize your risk and maximize opportunities.

The questions that drive any organization are simple: Where do we want to go? How do we want to get there? And how do we manage risks along the way? THTS Practice can help you address those questions successfully while focusing on your needs and goals. Our perspective and experience, combined with the relationships we develop with the companies and institutions we serve, ensure that solutions are provided and implemented with one goal in mind: to serve the interest of our clients as if they were our own.


Sometimes it is not in the best interest of the client to engage in needless and endless courtroom brawls. Our Dispute Resolution Group thus concentrates on preventing potential disputes. We achieve this by, amongst other things, advising on dispute resolution clauses at the contract drafting stage.
Where a dispute is inevitable, we encourage our clients to explore available alternative dispute resolution options geared towards expeditious resolution of the dispute and preservation of the business relationship. A court room brawl is our last resort and we ensure that our clients’ rights are adequately defended.


Litigation | Arbitration | Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an inevitable part of our human existence. Our litigation attorneys have the administrative, arbitration, mediation, and trial experience needed to do the job and have successfully represented several companies and individuals before administrative tribunals, States and Federal High Courts, as well as appeals before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

We support our clients every step of the way before and after a dispute arises. We advise on drafting dispute resolution clauses. We also counsel on the negotiation and litigation of business and investment disputes.

We understand, however, that a trial is not always in the best interest of the client. Recognizing the increasing pressure clients face to resolve cases without the risk and expense of a trial, we strive to secure the dismissal or settlement of litigation matters in the early stages of litigation, without the unnecessary expenditure of time and resources.